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RemoteHub was #1 on Show Hacker News

April 2, 2019
I submitted RemoteHub to Show HN and went to sleep. My brain woke me up at 3 a.m. and told me to check Hacker News. I did, and found out that it was #1 on Show HN and also made it to the front page.

Hacker News brought in almost +4k unique visitors on the first day, and +2k on the next day. Then it was +800 and +400 in a few days after that.

It was also fun to see that GitLab joined the conversation, and sent me their list of ~260 remote cities which makes them #1 on RemoteHub (currently it's Help Scout with 69 cities). I still need to add these though!
Then, Shaun Trennery found the site and submitted it to Product Hunt where it got 160+ upvotes in a couple of hours and was #1 product of the day until it got removed because I had already launched it 3 months ago.

1,900+ remote teams grew to 2,000+ in the last couple of days!
Hackers left 38 comments, and one of the topics that came up was how to define a "remote company"?

"One thing would be helpful is listing or explaining the criteria you used to call these "remote companies". One company that has onsite locations with teams that are remote or allows remote work frequently is going to be different than a company like Gitlab which is basically entirely remote." – posted by SOLAR_FIELDS

It's a good point! I've been visiting a lot of "our team" pages lately. Like a lot! Soo many! And it's true that the degree that these companies are "remote" varies a lot. Some of them are entirely remote, but I think most of them are just starting the remote journey and are looking for their first remote team member.

It's very different to work in a team that is working together in an office and you being the first remote team member from a company that has been built remote from day zero.

It can be helpful when a team has been working remotely for years, so they have a lot of remote work processes figured out. On the other hand, it's fun to be one of the first remote members so you can help to set everything up!

The idea behind RemoteHub is that you could have a look into remote teams and their culture, and maybe find the next remote team to join!