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March 4, 2019
Yes, I know that remote job sites exist, and probably a new one is launched every... week? I guess there's no point to build just another one. What can be done differently?

My RemoteHub's idea is that you can find more info about remote companies – how distributed their team is, which benefits they have, what is their tech stack, do they have team members in my city.

There's also a newsletter every... sometimes, forum, Slack channel, statistics. You can follow companies, so just find a one that you resonate with and hit the follow button and I'll email you when they post new jobs on the Internet or I have more info about them.

"Product Hunt for remote companies?"
Remote companies

I googled (a lot) and found 1,676 remote companies (of course there's more) and added them to my database with all the info I could find about them.

You can use filters to find companies that resonate with you. For example, combine filters to find "small remote companies with company retreats".

Obviously it's not perfect and I don't have data for all remote companies, but it's a start and I think you can find some interesting remote teams already.

These results will get better over time when I get more info about the companies.
Click on the company name and you'll see more info about them, for example:

 map with cities this company works from
 benefits (like company retreats, healthcare etc)
 list of cities with current temperature and time
 remote jobs
 some additional info (like building own products / doing consultancy, hiring regions and timezones etc)
Remote jobs

This is very similar to the companies page so here too I have filters that you can combine, for example "remote programming jobs in small team with unlimited time off".

Jobs can be posted directly to RemoteHub (yes, some companies do that already!) and I'm also fetching jobs from We Work Remotely and Stack Overflow and linking back to their job posts.

I have a job board of job boards kind of thing running here! You know, there's like so many remote job boards out there that we need a job board that gathers all jobs from different job boards.
Follow companies

You can follow companies that you like and I'll send you an email when I have new info about them or they add a new remote job position (to other remote job boards or directly to RemoteHub).

If you're interested in working at some particular team, but they don't have a suitable position available, you can just follow them and I'll let you know when there's a new position available. You can be one of the first ones to send out your CV!

I also have a newsletter (with admin and all) and you can share your own stories. There was a full week where I did a small newsletter piece every single day!
Featured teams

You can find one remote team hand-picked by me personally on the front page. Trying to get to the point where I do it every day, but you know... life. Yesterday's featured team is also included in the newsletter.
Tweet robot

Helps me to tweet while I sleep... it's mostly automatic, there are couple of fields I fill in when writing a newsletter post, but everything else will be put together based on stuff like featured team, new job posts and well, other stuff.