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April 15, 2019
I've been experimenting with React Native + Expo, and started to build a couple of sideprojects that I haven't launched yet (and possibly never will).

Instead of letting this sweet little code to be bored on my Macbook forever, I'll give it to you – so you would build something cool with it. And launch it!

You can get the full source code here. But first, let's check out what's inside!

Create account and login – You can create a new account and log in. I've built this with a full OAuth2 server implementation on Laravel.
Photo feed – Upload a photo, add text, and it appears on the feed. It's just perfect for sharing your life with the whole world!
Task list – Yep, there are gazillion todo apps in the Universe, but you can create another one! And still get rich with it!
Map – Tap a small innocent button, and your location will be on a map forever. Forever!
Comments – Write text below photos, and make someone feel good or bad.
Build something cool! Get your free copy of AppingKit.